Microsoft OneNote App Reviews

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Amazing! I love it

I started use the One Note some months ago and I am loving it. Everything is synchronized automatcly and you can create many topics, files .. as you prefer. The best app for this task ever. I recommend.

Very Good APP

It’s a very good APP!

Very good! But Windows version is better

The app is truly amazing. The only downfall is it lack a lot of Windows’s version function, like the ability to change the leading of the text or to sort alphabeticaly.

Best tool to collect information form different sources

gerat tool - missing a bit integration wiht Office2016 Outlook to share mail from mail client with one note

I realy like it!

Best tool to write quick notes and lists. Love it ;)


This app is great for whenever I take notes during my debate meetings and class. Super efficient and easily accessible.

Beautiful, but lacking key features

While this is a beautiful piece of sotfware, I think it is lacking a few key features that prevent it from achieving 5 star status, especially in the light of the competition. The tabbed interface, and the powerfull hierarchy of Notebooks -> Sections -> Sub-Sections -> Pages makes for a pleasantly structured experience. The companion iOS app has the intelligence of presenting todo lists in a way that is much adapted to on-the-go usage. Unfortunately, tags are all but useless eye-candy. They present a cute little icon, but being unsearchable and uncustomisable, they are noting more than a small icon bank. This feature needs to be fixed for the application to be taken seriously by power users. Nonetheless, the overall experience and ease of use makes it a delightful experience. If you like a structured experience with a nice clean hieraerchy, this is the note taking - note collecting application for you. If you like powerful search features and a well toughtout tag system; or if you like a more free-form management system, stick (or check out) Evernote.

probably the best app ever used

seriously. it works. It is intuitive, very feature-filled.

Very useful!

This app is very useful for brainstorming and planning! A must-have!

great product

wonderful software

useful enough

Its useful for take notes from the txtbook because its faster than writing notes by hand. I just wish it had a pen where we can automatically draw a grid or anything that we need on there when we press the pen icon. Other than that, its pretty useful than word.

Love it.

Great application. Easy to use and well organized. Not the best sync speed when multiple people are working on the document though.

Superior Product

Having used Onenote since its inception… I’m very pleased with the product’s growth and development, its current features and its multiple device synchronization


Great product use it everyday for all kin of activity, convenient coz I could access from different gadgets.. lovin it

for a free app, Microsoft has out-done itself...

Hi Folks, I switched to Mac after more than 2 decades with Microsoft, but this free notepad management app restores my faith in Microsoft in creating something that’s user-friendly, intuitive, and extremely helpful. I’m mastering essays, lectures and Toastmaster presentations with it, and it’s great for documenting and organizing your thoughts. Also really helpful that it’s server-synched, so you can work from any platform, any location and also give access to co-creators as well.

Great app

Works very well and syncs very well. I use it mostly for laptop but I have downloaded on my iPad. no complaints!

Use OneNote Every day

I am a big fan of OneNote. I share my notes with my key staff. OneNote keeps me up to date with my communication and key priorities

Love it!

I couldn’t work without it. It keeps me organized in an easy way.

It’s good but...

Please make the table settings do more. Like excel.

great app

i am very happy with this app on my i phone ,no problem at all and works great ,i love he search and moving option and i use it a lot .i recommend this to everybody .

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